There he sits, upon the throne
Or perhaps the throne sits on him
With grizzled skin and grizzled bone
Attending to the silent hymn
Searching out the rusted seraphim
Stretching out the three-branched limb
Ruling, if he rules, according to his whim,
A land once green now turned to stone.

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Winter 2018

The winter that robbed us of our children,
The winter that took away our souls,
The still, silent, purity of snow annihilated, made nihil, nothing
By violent sprayed blood
By shrieks and running feet
By terror, muffled, sobbing, knee-wrapped
In a corner, praying
“Don’t let them hear me, don’t let them find me,
I’ll promise you anything, but don’t let them hear me!”
The shame-filled joy that the scream
Ripped from a young throat
Was thank god someone else’s
And not their own.
The winter that destroyed our innocence,
The winter that fractured our dreams——
Does it yet hold a spring?

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Where is the hope
Now when we need it?
Where is the love
Now when we wither without it?
Where is the joy
Now when our dearest are turned away?
Where is the strength
Now when we are stripped naked?
Where are the castles of dreams
Now when everything has shifted?
The stage is set.
Musty velevet curtain pulls back
There against the tattered scrim
Of all we held dear
A mourning dove sings her dirge
And weeps for us, mankind.

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Review – The Harvested by Kindra Sowder

I gave this one 5 stars —

Review: Harvested by Kindra Sowder
CONTAINS semi-spoilers
Harvested is the first book in a five-book series, the finale of which will be published in June, and as the opener, Harvested is a well-crafted introduction to the setting and the characters. Mila and her friends Julius, Nero and Cato are taken by the government, along with others, to an isolated secret laboratory complex, to undergo testing due to their unusual powers and abilities. There, they are subjected to various biological tests, isolation and constant surveillance. While no one in their group knows what’s going to happen to them, or what’s being done to the others, they do know that the head of the government, Dictator King, is power hungry and wants to rule the world as well as the United States. Because he is so singleminded, they suspect that their kidnapping and disappearance is part of his plan, but have no clue what he envisions as their role.
Mila is the central character, and she is put through many incidents of laboratory testing, having blood drawn and biopsies taken with no explanation and usually under intense sedation, all without explanation. Gradually, she comes to trust her doctor and her guard, until King forces her into a “test” with the threat of death for all of her friends and family if she refuses. After that violation, Mila changes and becomes determined to fight in any way she can, though she will not use her power—the ability to cause another person’’s blood to boil.
Julius and Mila, along with new friend Caius and her guard and doctor plan an escape. It does not go well, though the book ends on a positive note.
This book is fast-paced and, as it was designed to do, leaves the reader wanting more, though this portion of the story is completely contained in Harvested. I recommend reading it when you have time to sit and read cover-to-cover; it is a page-turner and you won’t want to put it down.

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Cover Reveal!

Title: Fallow Moon Boxset
Author: Suzana Susan Wylie Wilson
Release date: September 1, 2017
Publisher: Encompass Ink
Cover art: Rebecca Poole from Dreams2media
Feel free to stalk her:
Amazon page:
The shadow world of Vampyr and Varulv (werewolves) co-exists with human society in an uneasy balance of détente and secrecy. In Bittermoon, Vampyr Kesan Glendubh falls for Leo Ruggeri, a human captivated by the Vampyr’s sensuous charms, yet reluctant to accept the harsh realities of being Vampyr. As Kesan woos the young man, another appears to change the agenda from one of the sensual delights to desperate survival. Father Guillaume Arsenault, a man with a divine calling to rid the world of the blight of supernatural beings, pits his Vampyr hunting skills against Kesan in a war to win Leo’s body and soul. It is a battle destined for unholy outcomes.
In Stygian Moon, a grieving Leo must make sense of his new life as Vampyr, helped by Kesan’s “family”—Peter Marsden, the head of the family, Madeline Royston, and Jamie Tasso, who are Kesan’s sister and brother in vampire reckoning. Just as Leo begins to feel that eternity might not be the realm of grief he expects, the unexpected happens, and Leo’s life is turned upside down again. The family must deal with that circumstance and the entanglement of the Vampyr Court with the high Alpha Varulv in the matter of an alliance between their races. Each race needs help in overcoming the weakening of the bloodlines, and only through hybridizing the two can either race survive. Leo’s personal life is in turmoil and he is forced into the choice between Jamie and his former love.
In Fallow Moon, lives and relationships are torn apart as mental illness and rogue factions make themselves known. Branimir Zdrakov, known in the pack of which he is Alpha as Brindle Demon, and Madeline have managed to conceive a child—the hope of both their races. That is until a very pregnant loup-garou shows up with her rogue pack claiming Brin as the father of her child. Lies, deceit, voodoo, and mental breakdown may prove to be the death of not only those who are involved but of both races unless a solution can be found, a solution which allows Leo and Brin to remain together.

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It’s been a long time. I’ve thought I was ready to come back before, and I just wasn’t. What’s different this time? I’m writing again. (It’s OK to cheer, if you like.) I’ve been working on a revision of Bittermoon, and that’s done, in the hands of my publisher and about to be released as part of a box set of the three books in the series. I’m currently revising two books, one a contemporary M/M romcom and the other an epic fantasy saga. I really mean it with the “epic” thing—it’s running, in its unrevised form, a million and a quarter words. It won’t be that big when I’m done, but it will still be pretty long, 6 or 7 books. That one is M/F, M/F/F, M/M/F/, M/M/F/F and other wild things when the dragons involve the humans in their rituals. Also rumbling around in my head are a couple of other ideas, a sequel to Raveneye, and a stand-alone set in the Fallow Moon universe (the guys in the trilogy will likely make cameo appearances in that one.). I’m excited about writing again!

Be prepared, get ready — the Fallow Moon box set will be released on 1 September. There will be a brand-new opening to Bittermoon (book 1), some tweaks and the like to Stygian Moon and Fallow Moon, and gorgeous new art by my cover artist extraordinaire, Rebecca Poole of Dreams2Media. Look for more activity here, too. Some of it will be political, most of it not. I can’t close my eyes to the horrible things happening in this country and the world, but I will try to keep a civil tongue at least nearby if not in my head.

It’s good to be back! As always, feel free to comment. I enjoy hearing from you.

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I wake to a cold, empty bed
Alone and shivering
My soul coiling and twisting
Writhing while I, shocked
And dumbfounded, look for She Whom I Love.
She is not here.
Disarray, dishevelment
From my core to the vastness of space.
She is not here.
All my life I served her,
I lent my words, a shield, for her.
Now, she has been wrenched from me
Dragged down, away,
Taken by gibbering ignorance,
Tattered and torn,
Mocked by the cries to make her great again
Coming from the very lips
That spit upon her and all she stands for.
Vultures perch upon the ballot-tombstone
Pecking and shoving for a chance
To rend her scarred and perfect body yet again.
Where is she, my heart, my soul,
My country, my beloved?

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