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Angel on His Back

 If there were one thing he could change about his tattoo, Sam knew exactly what it would be. He’d gotten it at 16, the earliest he could without having a parent sign. Like that would have ever happened. Not … Continue reading

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For Jefrumael, with thanks to Nya Rawlyns

Nya Rawlyns is amazing. When she says, “Let there be … [love, intrigue, turmoil, sex, romance, beauty, realism even in the fantastic],” the reader’s response is “And they saw … and it was excellent.” I wish she had written Genesis; … Continue reading

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Cado Angelus

  They’d trapped him cleverly. Baited the trap with the child. Her child. The one he hadn’t known about, but recognized instantly as his own. Winglets. Primaries just losing their down as true feathers grew. His wings, and her face, … Continue reading

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Solving the Mysteries of Intact Males

Originally posted on Eudaemonia Mountain:
Because I write and read a lot of explicit fiction, some of which is set in historical times or cultures other than present-day ‘Murica’, I thought I’d talk a bit about the differences in the…

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Little Black Dress, an Adult Fairy Tale (NSFW)

Once upon a time, or in the beginning, (whichever you prefer your fairy tales to open with, makes no difference to me) there was sex. Well, of course there was! Where do you think you came from, eh? You think … Continue reading

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Naked Rain (NSFW)

“Cleanse me, wash me whole,” he cries Unto the gathering storm. His sins numerous and strong Gnaw, chew him to the bone Flesh rips from flesh — The punishment fits the crime. He cannot close his soul’s eyes, He cannot … Continue reading

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NF – Thoughts on Time

Time. Tempus fugit. Time flies. (Mistranslation; it’s ‘flees’.) We’ve all heard it. Look at the words, the Latin words. See what I see? (Maybe etymology isn’t your thing.) Tempus – time • temporary – impermanent • temporal – constrained by … Continue reading

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