Leo and Kesan (Character Study for Bittermoon)

I couldn’t believe it was really happening, that I was in bed with this beautiful man, the one I’d wanted since before I ever saw him, before I knew he really existed. Crazy? Maybe, but when he walked into the office the first night, the new guy, all the fantasies I’d ever jacked off to wrapped themselves around him and I knew. He was The One.

And now we were making love. Even lying there, feet in the air, spread as wide as I could get, I couldn’t believe it. And then as he began that teasing first entry, he leaned down and laid his forehead on mine. It was overwhelming. Not that slipslide into glory, but the way his touch said, “This is more than my cock inside your ass. You mean something to me.”

I squeezed my eyes tight shut to hide the joy and fear and hope, and pledged myself to see this would be the best ever for him. Whatever I could do, I would.

He moaned as I pinched a nipple, pulled it a little. The sound drove a hot poker alongside him inside me, through me, right out my cock. I couldn’t be close yet, but damn, I was and he was barely all the way in.

“Yes, Leo, yes!” he murmured. “I want to lick it out of that thatch of hair that almost hides your nipples from me.”

I gasped that he’d known how close I was, but held back, hoping he’d say my name again. I loved it that he pronounced it properly, lay-oh and not lee-oh, like most Americans.

He groaned and changed the angle of his thrusts, seeking the sweet spot, finding it. “Damn, this is good, Leo, my Leo.”

Oh god, did he call me his Leo? That drove me over the edge and as I clenched around him, he threw his head back and bellowed his release.

It went on forever, it seemed, for both of us. Finally he eased down beside me and, true to his word, licked me clean. “When we can again, my Leo, let me give you what you have given me.”

My eyes widened. “What have I given you, Kesan?”

“I’ve said too much too soon,” he whispered. “I’m sorry.”

“God, no, not too much, not too soon. I’ve lo— wanted you for months. Don’t hold back from saying what you feel. I’m not a stiff unfeeling American.”

He laughed. “You may not be stiff right now, but you will be soon, if you’ll let me stay the night with you.”

“The night, the week, the year. Stay as long as you want. And want a long time.”

“I don’t want a week, a year, a long time.”

My heart stumbled, forgot how to beat. Now I’d said too much too soon.

“I want ….”

“What do you want, Kesan?” It was going to tear my now-racing heart right out my body to hear him say that tonight was all he wanted, but I had to know.

“I want forever, my Leo. I’ve known since we met. Haven’t you?”

I nodded, welcoming my heart back from wherever it had fled off to.

“Now that I’m sure I can please you, it will be forever. Let me give you forever, my Leo.”

I knew what he asked of me, and though it frightened me, I nodded and bared my throat for his fangs.

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