Arm’s Length

[Disclaimer: I have tried to trace the origins of the picture and can’t locate it. If you have information about it, please let me know, so I can contact them.]

Arm's Length

She holds them back by strength of will
By strength of will alone
The singing dreams torment her still.

She wanders through the rain-soaked night
Dread morning to postpone
The cunning words that hold her tight.

She lifts them up in humble prayer
Vague sins. She must atone
With sweetening guilt that feeds her there.

She shuts her eyes to see the light
Of worlds. Her heart bemoans
The leaping joy kept from her sight.

She feels a guest among her ghosts.
She walks a past unknown
For stumbling fools play as her hosts.

She thwarts the threats with measured calm,
She pierces to the bone
Their beating hearts within her palm.

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