You Know You Love Me

[Military acronyms:
XO – Executive Officer, the second-in-command or the commander’s right hand man/woman
CinC – Commander in Chief. In the US, the President.]

“I can’t believe you did that!”

Evan wasn’t sure how Cameron could yell and still be whispering, but it wasn’t the only way his lover did the impossible. “They’ll hear us! Is that what you want, to be caught? God, do you realize what would happen? Do you even care?” He was shaking with the effort of controlling his temper.

“You’re worried about getting caught? So you can grope a man — the XO at that — in the corner at a damn White House reception but if I call you on it, I’m going to get us caught?” Cameron headed for the drive, Evan in his wake.

“Nobody saw us.”

“I saw you, horndog. Are you calling me nobody?”

“You know I’m not. I love you, baby.”

Cameron stopped short and looked over his shoulder. Anger and hurt did a tango across his face, with anger carrying the spotlight. “Liar.”

“Cam, you’re on duty,” Evan called.

“Not anymore. The CinC dismissed me.”

“What?” It was Evan who stopped in his tracks at that. After a moment, he lengthened his stride to catch up with Cameron.

“Yeah. The CinC, you bastard. He saw me clench my fists, shaking all over. Thought I was sick. Dismissed me, told me to get some rest.”

“Oh, god, do you think he saw us?”

“Shit, I hope so, Evan, I really hope so.”

“How could you say that? It could ruin the XO’s career.”

Cameron spun. “The XO’s career? You’re worried about his career? That’s it. We’re done. It’s not like this is the first time. You’ve never been truly faithful. It’s over.”

“You don’t mean that, baby. You know you don’t. You love me.”

“I loved who I thought you were, Evan. Not some slut who can’t keep it in his pants.”

“It was just a little feel, baby. You know how hot the XO is. It didn’t mean anything.” Evan took a step closer, backing Cameron up against the car. “Come on, baby, smile and kiss me. I need your mouth. Need to fuck it with my tongue until I can fuck your ass with my big hard cock.”

Cameron clenched his fists and his jaw. “Go. Away. It’s over.”

Evan took another step, giving Cameron his best melt-the-flesh-off-your-bones smile, leaning toward the man. Cameron turned his head aside at the last moment and the kiss slid off his cheek. “Aw, c’mon, baby, it’s OK. You know there’s only one man for me.”

Cameron sighed and hung his head as Evan gripped his upper arm, drawing a tight circle with his thumb. After a moment, he said softly, “That’s true, Evan. I do know there’s only one man for you.” He brought his hands up and laid his palms flat on Evan’s chest. He looked up, met Evan’s eyes. “The thing is, baby, that one man is you.” He shoved, hard, and Evan stumbled, landing on his butt. “It. Is. Over. You don’t have much at my place. I’ll pack it up tomorrow. If you come over before noon, I’ll call the MPs, I swear it. Do you hear me?”

Without waiting for a reply, he got into the car and the moment the engine turned over, pulled away. He checked the rearview for signs of Evan repeatedly as he exited the designated parking area.

When he was several blocks down the avenue, he smiled. “OK, baby, it’s all clear. We’ll be at the hotel in a sec.”

“No, Cam, no hotel. The sneaking around is over. Take me home.” The XO smiled and nuzzled the join of Cameron’s neck and shoulder.

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