Solving the Mysteries of Intact Males

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It’s been brought to my attention that some men do enjoy the scrape of teeth across the glans. A better way to think of that would be that it’s a good idea to proceed with caution when using teeth, to be sure you’re gentle, that the intact male is sufficiently stimulated (don’t start with teeth, in other words), and that asking “would you like …” is always a good idea with sex.

Eudaemonia Mountain

Because I write and read a lot of explicit fiction, some of which is set in historical times or cultures other than present-day ‘Murica’, I thought I’d talk a bit about the differences in the circumcised and uncircumcised penis.  This isn’t hearsay; this is what I know.

First of all, they look different.  Obvious, right?  But what does an intact penis look like?  Here’s a comparison.



Illustrations of erect intact penises tend not to be clinical in nature, so you can google that yourself.

The foreskin retracts as the man becomes aroused and the penis engorges.  It may or may not retract behind the glans fully, and if it doesn’t, the man may want to retract it manually before penetration to expose more of the sensitive glans (head).  After sexual activity, he may also want to move it forward over the glans again, which may be slightly uncomfortable to…

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