Going Down in Smoke (Full Version)

  Smoke Me

Going Down In Smoke

Something about the scent the breeze carried stirred her. It always had, whenever the aroma had come to her, from the first memory of childhood leaps into raked up piles, to this morning’s stroll, the smell of burning leaves warmed and relaxed her. Not that she needed anything other than a good long ride to relax her. That was another ‘always had’, the way even the smell of her barn soothed her. Lia smiled as she nuzzled into Ealadha’s neck. The Percheron cross nickered softly and rubbed his face along her shoulder until she offered an apple wedge as she finished his pre-ride grooming. He’d known, always had, that she’d left it in the pocket of her jacket, hanging there on the peg by his stall.

“The folks down the way yonder think I’m crazy, Ealadha. You know that, don’t you, boy? ‘Percherons are draft, that is, working horses, miss, even with a bit of thoroughbred in there somewhere. Been better to have a man pick you a nice riding horse. Won’t be able to manage, being a woman and all. Where’s the mounting block?’” She laughed, remembering the look on ol’ Jarvis’s face when she’d stirupped her foot and swung up into the saddle easily. “Asshole. The day I need a block to mount a stock-still horse is the day I leave the stable,” she muttered.

She smoothed the saddle pad — OK, she’d admit it would have been a bit easier with a smaller animal, though she’d never say that in front of the men ‘down the way yonder’. Like they had room to talk. Most of those guys were only a inch or so taller than she was. Except for one. He was taller by at least eight inches. And damned good-looking.

“Sam.” She smiled as she said his name aloud.

“You’ve got eyes in the back of your head.”

Lia’s surprise nearly landed the saddle in the dirt. “Got it,” she snapped as he jumped to help. Damn. He heard me say his name, like some middle school girl with a crush.

“So you didn’t see — do you pretend I’m here often?”

She cut her eyes to him, ready as soon as the girth was done up tight to whap the smug right off his face. When it wasn’t there, she huffed and went back to her task. She saw him glance at the small conceit: her mount’s name on a plaque beside the stall the stall, lettered in uncial and with Celtic knot work surrounding it. Her own work, and she was proud of it.

“Ealadha is a fine looking animal,” Sam offered.

She raised a brow. He’d pronounced it properly — el-ah-tha. Surprising. She turned toward him and squirmed a bit when she realized just how close he was. “You don’t think he’s more than I can handle, like your buddies?”

It was Sam’s turn to huff. “They’re not my buddies. I just work there.”

His eyes are so green, she thought. Wonder why I never noticed before?

“Because I’ve never been this close to you before.”

She blushed and sucked in a breath. “I’m … I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to say that out loud.”

“You didn’t,” he murmured, moving so close his jacket brushed her shirt over her suddenly hard nipples. “It’s nearly Samhain. I can hear your thoughts. And I like them,” he growled. “Especially the thoughts of what we’ll do late tonight to keep warm, lying beside that firepit of yours, with all those leaves you saved to burn.”

“How … you … are you some sort of, I don’t know, psychic or something?”

“Thank you for not calling me ‘warlock’. I’m a witch, and more, Lia. Same as you, except you haven’t stepped into your role just yet. I’m going to help you do that.”

“Witch? Me? You’re effing nuts!”

Sam smiled. “That ‘effing’ is certainly on both our minds.” He leaned closer and brushed her lips with his. “Mmm, yes, honey. I thought that’s what you’d taste like. All over, I’d imagine.”

Lia turned back to Ealadha. Damn. I almost … crap. He can hear my thoughts.

“And after tonight, you’ll hear mine.” He took a step back. “Let me ride with you. Please.”

She swallowed hard and nodded.

“I left Moirai by the paddock. We’ll wait there for you.” He was gone before she could find her breath.

Ealadha stamped a hoof and as she checked the saddle’s fit over, she whispered, “Boy, I’m going to. It’s crazy, but I’m going to.”

The ride was a good one, though quiet. Lia’s questions rattled like marbles in a tin can through her head and she decided to wait until they were feet to the ground again to press for answers. She showed Sam a trail he’d not been down, carpeted with leaves from the surrounding maples and aspens. As the sun approached the horizon and the temperature dipped, Lia suggested they turn for home.

Sam looked to the west and agreed. “Yes. It will be Samhain soon. The time is almost upon us, Lia. And yes, if you have questions still, I will answer them. When Samhain has fully come. And when we have, too.”

As soon as they turned, the horses smelled the barn and moved into a trot. Lia watched, at first covertly and then openly, as Sam caught Moirai’s rhythm to post easily. She smiled and he laughed. “All I had to do was show you I could post and you’d have been ready to fall into my bed? What would you do if you knew just how well I climb peaks and explore deep valleys?”

Lia groaned and her gelding took the pace to a canter. Good thing, she thought. Ealadha’s a bit wide for posting over any real distance. I don’t want to be too sore for Sam. Shit. Stop the horny stuff, woman!

They spoke of mundane things while seeing to the horses. Lia pointed to a stall. “Moirai can use that one, if you don’t want to take her home or leave her in the paddock.”

Sam nodded his thanks. “Let’s move a little faster, Lia. It’s almost sunset. I want all of Samhain with you, every minute.”

“Why, Sam?”

“I’ll explain during the night, if you like. It’s more fitting to wait.”

She shrugged and went back to fetching hay for both horses. “Sweet feed’s in there. Ealadha gets a full scoop, please.”

A few minutes later, they met in the aisle and Sam arm-wrapped Lia’s waist and almost dragged her out the south end, for a less obstructed view westward. As the sun began to ease below the horizon, his breath quickened and he pulled her tighter. “Lia, Lia, god, I want you. Will you make love to me as the sun sets, right here?”

She looked into his eyes, at the crimson and saffron and violet hues of the dying day reflected there against the jade of his irises. Something she couldn’t name fluttered in her chest and set her heart racing. “Oh, god, I want you, too, Sam. But no, not right here. There,” she pointed, “there by fire pit. I laid it with wood as well as the last of the leaves. Let’s light it. I want a fire tonight, besides the one you’re igniting in me.”

“It won’t be as hot as your skin, but yes.”

She smiled. “My turn,” she whispered as she tugged and pulled him toward the rock-ringed fire pit where she’d been piling leaves for a week over and under the lengths of the maples that had come down in a storm. She fished a lighter from her jeans pocket and handed him a couple of twigs. “Instead of matches,” she grinned.

“But now, Lia, let’s undress. We’ll light them naked,” he murmured into her ear, before invading it with his tongue.

She cried out softly as her body clenched with lust. She pulled his lips to hers and took his mouth hard, nipping his lower lip as she fumbled with his shirt buttons. He shrugged his sherpa jacket off and pulled away long enough to spread it on the ground, adding hers as she dropped it as well.

“Our love bed, Lia. Do you mind that it doesn’t have satin sheets?”

“Let’s just get these clothes off. I want to see that cock I’m going to have.”

He groaned and yanked his undershirt over his head. “I want to have you, too, baby. All your honey, every bit.” He reached for his belt buckle, but she laid her hand over his, shaking her head.

“Let me.” Her voice was husky and he nodded, moaning as he reached to pull the hem of her heavy tee-shirt and then her silks free from her jeans.

His belt and her tops hit the ground at the same time. “Oh god, you’re not wearing a bra. Thinking of me when you dressed?” he teased as he nuzzled the join of her neck and shoulder. His hands, his hot hands slid easily over her ribs to cup her breasts.

She shivered as the button of his fly slipped free. He stepped back before she could tug the zipper pull, and she quirked a brow at him.

“I go commando, baby, so let me do the zipper. I don’t want anything caught and neither do you.”

“My turn to moan ‘oh god’ and feast my eyes,” she murmured.

“Want a show?” he grinned and eased the zipper down one notch.

She smiled and opened her own jeans fully, dropping them to the ground and balancing a hand on his shoulder to step out of them.

“Fuck! Commando, too!” He yanked his zipper down and toed his boots off, then kicked his jeans aside. “God, Lia, you’re gorgeous.”

“And I see you were thinking of me, too,” she smiled as she put her hands on his hips, and stooped to lick up the sweetness of his pre-cum.

“Mmmmpphh,” he whimpered. “Shit, stop, stop, if we’re going to light this fire. I’m going to toss you to the ground and fuck you senseless if you keep doing that.”

“Promise?” she looked into his eyes as she straightened. When he groaned, she danced out of his grasp and held up the lighter.

The leaves caught quickly and Sam cupped her breasts, lowered his mouth to suckle as he drew her down to their sherpa love bed. “The sun’s going down. It will be Samhain very soon. Will it take you long to come, baby?”

“Not if you ….”

“What, Lia? Tell me.”

“Go down on me first, Sam, like the sun’s going down on the horizon.”

He groaned and turned along her. “Will you go down on me?”

She answered with her tongue sliding down from his navel, avoiding the cock he frantically shoved at her and instead drawing his balls into her mouth, releasing them only moments later to lick from base to tip of his cock. He groaned, seeking — and finding — her clitoris to flick and suck.

God, that’s so good! Nobody’s ever done it this good. Oh, god, Sam, yes, like that!

He moaned and nodded, letting her know he’d heard, and pulled his hips back as he murmured into her, “Tongue the slit, baby, please, tongue — oh, god, yes, in it as far as — that’s so fucking good.” He began to grunt and jab her mouth with his cock as he slid two fingers into her and curled them to stroke her G-spot.

Her entire body clenched. More, more, please, more!

He gasped and pulled away, trembling. “Lia, the sun’s almost gone. Let me in, please. I want my cock in you when Samhain starts. There will be going down on each other later, I swear.”

She tugged at him, urging him to turn, then wrapped her legs around his hips. “Fuck me, Sam.”

He positioned himself and sought her lips. “Shit, you’re so tight,” he spoke in her mouth as he eased into her.

She groaned and squeezed her legs to seat him deep inside. “Hard, do it hard,” she whispered as she followed the curve of his Adam’s apple with her teeth and tongue.

He pulled back slowly and then slammed into her hard. She cried out and arched her back to meet him. “Yes, like that, like that. God, that’s good! How could I be this close so quick, Sam?”

“We were made for each other, Lia.” He repeated the slow withdrawal and pounding entry. “I’m … oh shit ….” He looked up to check the sun. “Almost, almost, god, I’m going to come the minute Samhain arrives! Please, Lia, baby, come with me.”

Eyes wide, she nodded. “Yes, big guy, keep on like that and … oh god … soon, soon.”

Sam focused on the sunset and fought for control. “Stay with me, Lia, hold off just a little longer.”

Lia whispered, “Please, I’m so close, please!”

Sam stopped his thrusting. “Hold it, baby, please, oh god.”

They looked to the west urging the sun to hurry and as they watched, she did. Sam cried out and resumed thrusting, hard and fast as Lia pulled his face to hers and gasped into his mouth. She stilled suddenly for an instant, and then was all groans and arching, moving, pulling him closer as he ground his hips into her so forcefully it almost seemed as if his balls were making their way inside as well.

The orgasm was fireworks along her nerves, a percussive explosion followed by bursts of light dancing across her field of vision. Shudders of pleasure rocketed through his body as he emptied into her.

In near unison they cried each others’ names.

“Sam — Samael, at last, together again at last!”

“Lia, my Lilith, I’ll never let you go again!”

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