Drumroll, please!!!



My novel is now available at Amazon!! Here’s the cover, done by Rebecca Poole of Dreams2Media. My editor is Diane Nelson.

Please head over to Amazon (http://amzn.to/1gQoS2a) and grab a copy of Bittermoon, the first book in the Fallow Moon series. Book 2 expected to be released before summer!

Here’s the blurb:


For two decades, Leo Ruggeri’s needs are simple: forget his past. Then he meets a man with eternity worth remembering in his glacier-blue eyes. A man whose existence challenges everything Leo believes.

For five centuries, all Kesan Glendubh needed was blood and sex. Then he meets a man worth loving for eternity. A man whose ex is a vampire hunting priest.

Kesan’s latest novel will be published in graphic format, so he requires the services of a graphic artist. When he and Leo meet, the notion of services takes on new meaning and passion overtakes both men. Kesan realizes he cannot protect the young man, from himself and what he is, so he offers a choice.

As both men struggle to come to terms with their feelings, disturbances in the supernatural realm signal a return to a time of danger and persecution for those who walk the night. Kesan and Leo discover they have a Watcher — Father Guillaume Arsenault, come to reclaim Leo’s soul for God and his body for himself while fulfilling his calling to rid the world of vampires.

Crossbows aren’t modern weapons, but they are effective tools for vampire hunters. Eternity, like love, may not be so eternal after all.

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