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Review: Roman (Saints and Sinners) by Kennedy Streath

My review from Amazon: There are fragrances, aromas that speak to us deeply, that take us to another place, another time. This book is scented with menace. It’s a tart stinging fragrance with a whisper of rose, a hint of … Continue reading

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Sidewalk Cafe

“We’ll always have Lyon” she said. I laughed and so did she, but I don’t think she got it. Such a ridiculous trite cliché, just like her. Always? There is no “always”. There is “now”. Maybe there’s “not-now.” Couldn’t prove … Continue reading

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The Mask

The Mask It had no eyes. Yet it tracked his every move. The no-eyes of the mask bored into his soul. The boy itched to leave this place. The mask hung there on the north wall of the wattle and … Continue reading

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Memorial Day

  For every tucked-tight triangle Held in glove-swathed hands Stretching to bridge the vacuum-gap From might-have-been to never Worlds and wounds and wars apart, For every creased and folded dream Concealed and on parade Sluicing must-be-brave-don’t-cry Through aching empty hearts … Continue reading

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They fall, solitary or clustered, Sloughed off by life’s inexorable spiral breath. In, out, expand, contract, live … die. Festoons of come-hither signal the winged eunuchs. “Here it is,” they promise, “oh, god, yes, like that, just like that.” The … Continue reading

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On Writing and Identity, Part 2

This post is a continuation of On Writing and Identity, Part 1 (pretty obvious, that).  If you haven’t read that, you might want to. [Note: in this post, when speaking in generalities, I use the pronoun “he” or “him” to … Continue reading

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On Writing and Identity, Part 1

  This started as a FB comment on a article in McVoices by Jim Murdoch, about gender and assumptions and identity, “An Honorary Woman”. It’s here if you want to read it. Many people are surprised that I write gay male … Continue reading

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