Hidden Mothers

Unhappy young woman

The hidden mothers vigil keep
In mirrored break of soul
And from the darkest secret deep
Draw strength to play their role.
Mid flowers white and flowers red
Sentiment and lace
They pass a silent day of dread
Behind a stony face.
And in my heart of hearts, I weep
The ache of empty arms.
The hidden mothers vigil keep —
Please hold them safe from harm.


[Image credit: deposit photos, used under license purchase]

About suzanawylie

Suzana Wylie is the not-very-pseudo pseudonym of Susan Wylie Wilson, because let's face it, there are lots of Susan Wilsons around, and as an author, I want readers to find ME and not the bazillions of others. I've been writing all my life - since I learned to hold a pencil anyway - and can't NOT write. Other people have to breathe to live; I have to write.
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