Announcing —

*taps microphone, goes through ‘testing’ routine* An announcement. The second book in my Fallow Moon series will be released next Tuesday, 27 May. From now until 3 June, the first book, Bittermoon, is on sale for $.99. Yup, under a buck. 

The trailer for Stygian is here — I’m thrilled with it — the work was done by my amazing cover artist, Rebecca Poole of Dreams2media. Have a watch. (And if you’re a writer, I cannot recommend her highly enough.)

Vampires, forbidden love, a vampire hunting priest – that’s Bittermoon. Stygian Moon continues the story of Leo Ruggeri, once human, now vampire, and his attempts to come to terms with loss, grief, and betrayal. It’s said that politics makes strange bedfellows. When the fellows are vampires and werewolves, they’re very strange indeed.

Bittermoon is available at these sites:

About suzanawylie

Suzana Wylie is the not-very-pseudo pseudonym of Susan Wylie Wilson, because let's face it, there are lots of Susan Wilsons around, and as an author, I want readers to find ME and not the bazillions of others. I've been writing all my life - since I learned to hold a pencil anyway - and can't NOT write. Other people have to breathe to live; I have to write.
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2 Responses to Announcing —

  1. Michelle Willcox says:

    When can I get this book again?

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