Line dance

Dressed in autumn’s finery
A farewell to impart
Symphony of wind, downbeat,
Embark on fluttering prayer
Leaflets kneeling all in rows,
Mirrored partners bow.
Backlit with sun and splendor,
Cast-offs swaying groundward
Return essence to the earth.
Let me leaflike down-dance
Granting emancipation
Bestowing in death’s grace
Borrowed hoarded molecules.
Box me not with feared death,
But let me live again.
Let no undertaker
Jail me in life’s mockery,
Trapped, hidden, put away,
Part of mankind’s biggest lie,
That death comes not each
And all, at last to our own door.
From earth, and wind, and fire,
Water-born I was, I am.
Let Nature show the gate
To life eternal, evermore
In death, please set me free.

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