Monthly Archives: October 2014

In the Shadows, Beckoning



Faceless, umbra-fineried, she sits
Chairbound, hidebound. Life bound
Up in the weight of waits.
Seconds drip, tallow of her
Guttered, dribbled. Shape shifted
Geometry of gloom.
Desolate the luster winks barren promises
She, faithless from experience, no longer believes.
Time, her enemy, her friend
Spills shadow where a flayed hand beckons.

[image credit: hotblack, via morguefile]

Dark Echo



All in the darkness echo-bound
Forgotten souls do sing
Of sunlight shone once all around
Of freedom taking wing.
In grave-cloths gray they take their form
To dance the dirge with bones
And by the tens of millions swarm
To overthrow hate’s thrones.
Fear, the demon, madness starts
And, misbegotten, spews
Death called forth from hollow hearts
Toward gyspies, gays, and Jews.
Remember us the millions pray
Keep watch upon our graves
Examine now in light of day
The hate that made us slaves.
It’s said that prayers go up on high
In sacrifice’s smoke
What god with terror ruled that sky
Where burning children spoke?