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It was a game they played every year. I watched them play it as an eager child, not understanding the rules, and tried to join in, the amusement of some and the disapproval of others skillfully communicating that the game … Continue reading

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  Sun-dyed clouds caress the peaks, Holy vapored hands stretch close And pull— fearful and unworthy— back, With beauty dazzled, they return. Coy shadow plays tides with light Ebb and flow of circling time Held fast against my trembling heart. … Continue reading

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Beta Readers?

Anyone interested in doing beta reading for me? What’s beta reading? Well, a beta reader is someone who gets an early draft of a forthcoming book, reads it, and provides feedback and when the book is published, an honest review. … Continue reading

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Book 2 is out!

      Today’s release day for Stygian Moon, book 2 in the Fallow Moon series! Dark urban fantasy, paranormal, M/M erotica/romance.  Book 1, Bittermoon, is scheduled to go on sale today, to make it easy to catch up. Bittermoon … Continue reading

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