Book 2 is out!





Today’s release day for Stygian Moon, book 2 in the Fallow Moon series! Dark urban fantasy, paranormal, M/M erotica/romance.  Book 1, Bittermoon, is scheduled to go on sale today, to make it easy to catch up. Bittermoon begins the story of Vampyr Kesan Glendubh, the human he falls in love with, Leo Ruggeri, and the interference of Leo’s ex who’s now a vampire-hunting priest. Eternity, like love, may not be so eternal after all.

Stygian Moon picks up where Bittermoon left off. Even vampires grieve, and newly made vampire Leo Ruggeri has a lot to grieve over. His maker, Kesan Glendubh, should be providing help and guidance as he copes with his new life, but a vampire hunter’s crossbow has made that impossible. Kesan was more than Leo’s maker. He was Leo’s one-and-only, the man he would love for eternity. With him gone, his vampire family steps up to shepherd Leo until he knows enough not to alert the humans that those who walk the night are among them.

Jamie Tasso wants to do more than guide him through the pitfalls, though, and Leo finds solace in his bed. When Leo’s world is turned upside down again, what began as solace morphs into love.

Jamie and Leo are summoned to Kolozsvár, to the High Court, where an alliance between Vampyr and Varulv—werewolves—is being hammered out. Politics is never clean and simple when alliances and love affairs are shattered much more easily than they are forged.

Sometimes you have to go through Hell to get to Heaven.

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