Beautiful Sunrise in the Mountains


Sun-dyed clouds caress the peaks,
Holy vapored hands stretch close
And pull— fearful and unworthy— back,
With beauty dazzled, they return.
Coy shadow plays tides with light
Ebb and flow of circling time
Held fast against my trembling heart.
Stars ballet across night’s deeps
While silent lakes keep step
And breath, once taken quite away,
Is thrown willingly on high.
Stretched barrens rolling to the edge
Where arias of silent snows are sung.
Acrobats of cloud cavort where lupines roam
And thigh-rubbed thunder shouts for joy
Strobed with searing purple heat.
For skittering chattering us
A flood of sliced and captured time.
For Her, Earth, mother of us all,
The slow and measured beat of molten heart.
Carve me thin, beauty undeserved, my own heart laid bare
To seek and see the naked glorious wonder,
Soul embracing hiraeth for home I never had.

[September 2, 2014. Wyoming, the home my heart longs for]

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