door in the tree

“I don’t hear you!!” Few beings in the universe can stamp their feet quite as loudly a 6-year-old girl, especially the 6-going-on-106 sort. Fewer being still can see the hidden beckon embraced within a tree. Ellianne had. A week, now. Every day, as day greeted evening, she passed by, swinging the stick-prod for the slower cows. Today, she defied the door, emboldened by defying her father. Today, she wouldn’t listen to the songs. Today she struck the warm ivy cloak. Today, knobby hands snatched her through. The door smacked its lips and disappeared.

Image credit: Door in Tree:

https://www.flickr.com/photos/68244807@N00/2215409087 JB Banks. (used under CC license)

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