Flashie Friday

door in the tree     lone_tree_hdr

Images for use as prompts for Flashie Friday (though it can be Poetry Friday, too). If you like, choose one and write flash fiction (please hold to 100 words) or a poem inspired by the images. Comment and I’ll post (with your permission) your submission as a separate entity so it’s not lost in the comment nether world. Please include a link to your own blog, if you so desire.

[Image credits: Door in Tree:

https://www.flickr.com/photos/68244807@N00/2215409087 JB Banks. (used under CC license). Lone Tree: hotblack at morguefile.com (used under license).]

18 thoughts on “Flashie Friday

  1. He was the only one left of his kind, and the sadness of that knowledge bent his bones. Each season, when the sun heated his branches and unfurled his leaves, he dared to hope that a sprout would crack the earth, another like him. Some had tried. One brave sapling pushed its fresh shoots to the light. But, starved for nutrients, it only shriveled back into the ground, wasted. Again, this happened, and again. Until finally he realized: Thick and ravenous, his own roots were choking the new ones, and while he existed he would always be alone. http://laurieboris.com

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  2. My own offering.

    If all within the forest stands
    A tree that prays alone
    Who, hearing it in distant lands,
    Can say which seeds that sown
    By flowering branch or bursting cones
    Are borne by praying tree
    And which the towering forest owns
    That never bent the knee?
    The fir that lone and solemn prays
    Its god will surely hear
    For no mumbled muttering lays,
    Words uttered by no seer,
    Impede the flow of heaven-bound prayer
    Sent up by one alone
    Who, still and genuflecting there,
    Does not its fate bemoan.


    1. Such a question you pose, dear poet. From the point of view of a cheerful pagan such as I, surely the unrepentant shall also be heard, or sensed … if not by a god, then by the unknowable force that binds the cosmos.

      This is your usual thoughtful, well-wrought and -rhymed poem. Thanks, Susan.

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