Shell I Be Your Valentine, by Kira Morgana (posted by permission)


Shell I Be Your Valentine?

The tide receded and the door in the centre of the ammonite popped open. A head darted out, followed by a slithery body and silver tail. The creature shook itself and spotted a glistening shell on its front door step.
“For you, my Love.” The creature read on the attached label. With a swift shudder and shake, the creature changed form, legs becoming tail and upper limbs appearing where none had been, reaching out to the shell.
Which grew legs itself and scuttled away.
“A pet? Or a hunt?” the Sea Pixie asked the air.
Nothing answered her, apart from the scrape of claws as the shell got further away. She scrambled over the outer edge of the ammonite and followed it. The label blew away in an errant gust which rocked both shell and Pixie.
At the edge of a rock pool, the shell made good its escape, dropping into the depths with a tiny squeak of happiness.
The Pixie sat down and stared after it. “Now what do I do?”
“Nothing.” A face poked up out of the water and another Sea Pixie climbed out of the pool. “I sent it to you.”
“Why?” She asked.
“To bring you here.” He held out one hand.
She smiled and took his hand. “You could have just knocked.”
“After all these years, I thought you might want a replay of our first meeting.”
She giggled and kissed him. “Let’s go then.”
They slipped into the rock pool and disappeared.

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