Announcement – New Book Soon to be Released

My latest book explores the relationships a gay man has — one Mateo Velasquez, working as a massage therapist (not a euphemism for “sex worker”) at a gay resort in Arizona: a friendship that’s closer than close with Edie Newsome, the transgender receptionist in the spa area of the resort; the bond with his companion, Raveneye, in walking the peyote road, though since Raveneye is an actual raven with whom Teo unites his spirit, “flying” the peyote road would be more accurate; and Dusan Sokolov, a straight client who’s Bulgarian, and unbeknownst to Teo, an assassin. Dusan is also apparently immortal, but that too he keeps to himself, until circumstances force him to reveal all to Edie in an effort to regain any chance of success in the developing student/master relationship he has with Teo.

Dusan seeks answers to his own origins, since he is obviously not like the people around him; Teo seeks answers to his questions about walking the peyote path, and whether or not it’s possible for him to have the kind of love he desires with a man whose life is wrapped up in ridding the world of undesirable villains. Each man believes the other is following, through no fault of his own, a false path, though it doesn’t take long for them to realize that error is in the eye of the beholder.

Misunderstandings abound, but it’s the sudden revelation of Dusan’s past, what he’s done and who he knows, that bring things to a standoff between the two men. Only the help of Raveneye can help them, and even with his help, it’s not certain they will all come through this alive.

If this sounds like a book you’d enjoy reading, and if you’re not offended by adult situations, actions, and language, be watching on October 24th for the release of Raveneye.


This beautiful cover was created by Rebecca Poole, my cover artist from Dreams2Media. Check out her talent and her other art at

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