Monthly Archives: November 2016


I wake to a cold, empty bed
Alone and shivering
My soul coiling and twisting
Writhing while I, shocked
And dumbfounded, look for She Whom I Love.
She is not here.
Disarray, dishevelment
From my core to the vastness of space.
She is not here.
All my life I served her,
I lent my words, a shield, for her.
Now, she has been wrenched from me
Dragged down, away,
Taken by gibbering ignorance,
Tattered and torn,
Mocked by the cries to make her great again
Coming from the very lips
That spit upon her and all she stands for.
Vultures perch upon the ballot-tombstone
Pecking and shoving for a chance
To rend her scarred and perfect body yet again.
Where is she, my heart, my soul,
My country, my beloved?