Cover Reveal!

Title: Fallow Moon Boxset
Author: Suzana Susan Wylie Wilson
Release date: September 1, 2017
Publisher: Encompass Ink
Cover art: Rebecca Poole from Dreams2media
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Amazon page:
The shadow world of Vampyr and Varulv (werewolves) co-exists with human society in an uneasy balance of détente and secrecy. In Bittermoon, Vampyr Kesan Glendubh falls for Leo Ruggeri, a human captivated by the Vampyr’s sensuous charms, yet reluctant to accept the harsh realities of being Vampyr. As Kesan woos the young man, another appears to change the agenda from one of the sensual delights to desperate survival. Father Guillaume Arsenault, a man with a divine calling to rid the world of the blight of supernatural beings, pits his Vampyr hunting skills against Kesan in a war to win Leo’s body and soul. It is a battle destined for unholy outcomes.
In Stygian Moon, a grieving Leo must make sense of his new life as Vampyr, helped by Kesan’s “family”—Peter Marsden, the head of the family, Madeline Royston, and Jamie Tasso, who are Kesan’s sister and brother in vampire reckoning. Just as Leo begins to feel that eternity might not be the realm of grief he expects, the unexpected happens, and Leo’s life is turned upside down again. The family must deal with that circumstance and the entanglement of the Vampyr Court with the high Alpha Varulv in the matter of an alliance between their races. Each race needs help in overcoming the weakening of the bloodlines, and only through hybridizing the two can either race survive. Leo’s personal life is in turmoil and he is forced into the choice between Jamie and his former love.
In Fallow Moon, lives and relationships are torn apart as mental illness and rogue factions make themselves known. Branimir Zdrakov, known in the pack of which he is Alpha as Brindle Demon, and Madeline have managed to conceive a child—the hope of both their races. That is until a very pregnant loup-garou shows up with her rogue pack claiming Brin as the father of her child. Lies, deceit, voodoo, and mental breakdown may prove to be the death of not only those who are involved but of both races unless a solution can be found, a solution which allows Leo and Brin to remain together.

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