Political— What Are We Becoming?

I’ve finally found a term for what is happening in this country. It appears in an excellent op-ed on AL.com, here. https://www.al.com/opinion/index.ssf/2018/06/zero_tolerance_makes_zero_sens.html The first op-ed is written by Clete Wetli, whom I know personally and you should read it. Concise, to the point, has a clear point to make. All round good journalism.

It’s the second one (keep scrolling after Clete), by Kyle Whitmire, that furnished me with the word missing from my vocabulary. What we are witnessing is the Alabamification of America. Think about it. All these racist and sexist things that are being spewed by folks as diverse as kindergarten teachers and rocket scientists (here in Huntsville, that’s not satire; we’re a town of rocket scientists)—all the excuses, the “reasons” are things Alabamians have heard since before, during and especially after the Civil War. Oh, pardon me. I forgot to speak Southren there. Correcting…especially after the War Between the States, otherwise known as the War of Northern Aggression. I’m not going to give examples of the racist remarks I’m referring to. I’m sure you could make your own list. The troubling thing isn’t that people are saying those things. They’ve been doing that for … probably ever. It’s that a century or so ago, those things began to be spoken quietly, at the VFW (no disparagement to the VFW), at the church social, at the PTA meeting, places where you knew you were safe saying them, because society as a whole would judge you and find you severely lacking. Now, you hear that stuff at Walmart, at Hobby Lobby, at a ball game, at your kid’s Little League game, *on TV*, spoken not by an overall wearing tobacco chewing whittling man nor by the smiling lady in the polyester dress, wearing a strand of pearls and her hair “done” that very morning. Nope. These are just folks. People waiting at the doctor’s office. People in line at the counter in the Post Office. People sitting next to you on “your” pew at church. People watching their kids play soccer. Everywhere. It’s become the norm, or at least is attempting to become the norm. Like Germany in the run-up to the invasion of Poland. We’re told the Bible says to obey the laws of the land. It does. It also says that those who do not feed the hungry, clothe the naked, tend the sick, console the widowed, care for the orphans and take in the refugee and homeless are not his church—he never knew you. (See Matthew 25 if you doubt me.) The people who fail to do those things (which are commanded, not suggested) are unknown to Jesus. They are not his church. You know what they are? The lawmakers and lawgivers. This law that Jeff Sessions so piously says we should obey because it’s ordained by God is *directly* counter to the very plain command not to do the things they are doing. These cannot be laws that God ordained. They are manmade; they are flawed. They can be disregarded, disobeyed and repealed. If we can manage to vote in people who will *do* those things rather than gloat over the other party and the “nonsense” they spout. It’s not nonsense; it’s the word of God.

He who has ears….

I don’t know about you but I don’t want an America that’s been Alabamified, that looks like Alabama did fifty years ago.

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