Half off sale all month!

Erin O’Quinn is one of my favorite writers, and has written some phenomenal books. If you can only buy one series (though at half off, more than one should be doable, right?), I’d recommend getting The Gaslight Mysteries (Heart to Hart, Sparring with Shadows, To the Bone, Thin as Smoke, and Masters of Cane). It’s 1923 in a fictitious town in Ireland. Michael McCree, a lusty, rough and ready unashamedly gay man (but still not completely out as being gay was illegal at the time) is determined to win a place in Simon Hart’s flat, his private investigations business and his heart. Simon is nowhere near out, not even to himself, so Michael has quite a chase ahead of him. But what man doesn’t love a good chase? These two will capture your own heart and have you laughing, crying, cheering and cussing the pair of them through all the books. Though they are fully realized characters from the beginning, they grow and change throughout each book and the series as a whole. If you love M/M romance with the thrill of mystery and danger added, you’ll love the Gaslight Mysteries series. So, go get the books (but wait until after midnight 1 July to take advantage of this astounding sale.
Don’t forget to leave Erin reviews after you read the books!

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