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By your side I will stand
When waters rise and tempest screams
When cannons hurl their hatred amongst us
When contention scrapes the top coat of consanguinity from us
When those who make bold the assertions of their crippled hearts,
When they proclaim as truth the spewings of their pustulant mouths,
When they claw away our freedom, for bondage of one is bondage of all,
When their priests affix us to their altars, splayed for the knife
By your side I will stand.
Together, unified, stitched into one flesh, one blood, one “Us”, one “We,”
Together, each hurls a clenched fist to the sky
Together we sing, we refuse to be divided
Together rainbows and black fists
Together cross and crescent
Together om and pentagram
Together, humans, The People
By your side I will stand.